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Jane Bell design


Jane Bell design, formally part of studio55artists


After graduating in Design, I worked for many years as a designer/maker of stained glass. I later retrained in computer graphics, got a job working on a Mac and have never looked back. The pure colour of the glass that interested me is still present in my prints when printed digitally with archive pigment and when I work with ink. I have continued to produce my own work while working in both private companies and in education.

How I work - digital prints

sketchbook work.jpg

I begin working in
a sketchbook

I then work the drawing digitally

Then add detail digitally

How I work - traditional prints

swiss cheese drawing.png

I begin working in a sketchbook

Jane Bell_studio shot_lino carving.jpg
swiss cheese_lino lines.jpg

I then transfer the design to lino and cut the design

Mixing and preparing the ink

The ink is then rolled onto the lino and printed

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